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These days, simply having a good website on the internet is not enough. Your competitors all have the same thing. There’s a quick, inexpensive, and extremely beneficial thing you can do that will give your WordPress website (or any kind of website) both short-term and long-term boosts in search engine rankings: Blog posts!

I can hear what you might be thinking. Who has time to write blog posts? What should I write about? It’s not worth the time and effort. And I get it. I had neglected writing posts for my business for nearly two years. But I also noticed that the number of internet inquiries had dropped as well.

So, now I’ll be writing a new blog post at least every two weeks. That’s a great start, and will give these vitally important elements to search engine rankings:

  1. Fresh site content. Google and other search engines LOVE fresh content and will boost your rankings.
  2. Relevant information. When search engines can connect your blog posts to your company’s services and offerings, it’ll boost your rankings.
  3. Credibility. Potential customers will see your company as having more credibility if you provide helpful and meaningful news they can use.
  4. Social media content. Having trouble finding stuff to add to your social media outlets? Look no further. Just share your blog posts!

What’s the next step? Well, for me, I’ll be writing posts about the services I provide, along with helpful tips and tricks for small businesses and online marketing. I’m a pretty decent writer and don’t mind writing. For you, it may be more of a burden. But that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t do it! Maybe there’s someone on staff or an intern who can write for you!?

Or, maybe the most effective and efficient method is hiring it out to an experienced company to do it for you. This is where Radiant Design can help! We have partnered with a team of writers who can write blog posts that are relevant to your business and are inexpensive.

To make it easy for you, we now provide the following blog writing packages:

  • Single blog post: $125
  • Monthly blog post package (6-months of blog posts): $675
  • Monthly blog post package (12-months of blog posts): $1,200

So, for around $100 per month, you could soon have a nice collection of blog posts that will keep your website fresh, active and relevant for both search engines and discerning humans! These posts will give your site credibility, and soon, you should be leapfrogging over your competitors in search rankings.

Your marketing budget should not be considered complete until you’ve budgeted for blog posts! In many ways, they’ve replaced press releases and have become the main source of feeding content to your industry. If you’re interested in having Radiant Design partner with you in your online marketing via blog posts, there’s no better time to start than NOW! Let’s get blogging!

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