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Exceptional Website Hosting

Use Radiant to host your site and save yourself some hassle! We use LiteSpeed servers, which are up to 10x faster than the standard Apache servers that most hosts use. With that said, for most businesses and organizations, our Business Hosting is sufficient. An e-commerce website would fall into our Premier Hosting plan. If you require a custom hosting package, we can work out a specific plan for your needs.

We also highly recommend our comprehensive WordPress Website Maintenance plans. Our site management plans are about half the cost of our competitors and keep your website running smoothly and protect your website from outages, hacks and errors.

$120 annually

Up to 2GB storage

$240 annually

Up to 5GB storage

$360 annually

Up to 10GB storage

WordPress Maintenance
$480 annually

Complete Website Management & Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance
$600 annually

Complete Website Management & Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance
$720 annually

Complete Website Management & Maintenance

Each Website Hosting Plan includes:

  • High-speed LiteSpeed servers
  • SSD Raid10 storage
  • Cloudflare CDN (optional)
  • FTP accounts
  • Complete WordPress support
  • MySQL/phpMyAdmin
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee

Radiant Hosting & WordPress Site Maintenance Plan Details:

  • WordPress website hosting — using LiteSpeed servers
  • Monthly off-site complete website and database backups
  • WordPress plugin and software updates (to help minimize hacks)
  • WordPress Core version updates (to help minimize hacks)
  • WordPress website hacker and security monitoring
  • Free site restoration to last saved backup if site crashes or gets hacked
  • SSL (secure server — with https padlock)

Many of our clients ask if they need to spend hundreds of dollars every month on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our answer has always been “Probably not!” Our suggestion: First, let’s see what we can do with the free SEO tools offered by Google and others. For most small and medium-sized businesses and organizations, a well-written, well-coded, and well-tagged website might be all you need to attain a high search engine ranking.

If needed, Radiant Design can provide Google Search Console Services. For only $200, Radiant Design will provide the following: Website verification, creation of an XML Sitemap, and basic on-page optimization* of site based on 6 key search terms that you provide.

* Our goal is always to help our clients with their website needs. We are confident that your website will achieve a better ranking with Google within three months after optimization. However, regardless of whether you choose our basic or comprehensive optimization, we can’t guarantee top-ranking due to the multitude of ever-changing factors that determine website rankings.

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