WordPress Maintenance Service Plans

Did you know that most web hosting plans only include a single, nightly backup that gets overwritten each day? That means if your site gets hacked on Saturday, but you don’t notice until Monday, the only backup you’d have is the hacked site! The website would be gone and you’d need to start from scratch.

Because of that, Radiant Design highly recommends our WordPress hosting and maintenance plans. These packages allow you to manage your business while we manage your website – all while giving you peace of mind, knowing your website will always be protected.

Radiant Hosting & WordPress Site Maintenance Plan:

  • WordPress website hosting — using LiteSpeed servers
  • Monthly off-site complete website and database backups
  • WordPress plugin and software updates (to help minimize hacks)
  • WordPress Core version updates (to help minimize hacks)
  • WordPress website hacker and security monitoring
  • Free site restoration to last saved backup if site crashes or gets hacked
  • SSL (secure server — with https padlock)

* Google now downgrades websites that do not use SSL, and, in the future, contact forms may no longer function without SSL. SSL is a form of encryption that helps keep transferred data safe.

Monthly WordPress Hosting & Maintenance:

$40/month (billed @ $480 annually)*

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance for E-commerce Sites: 

$60/month (billed @ $720 annually)*

* Costs are based on websites hosted by Radiant. You site can be hosted elsewhere, but the plan costs would not change because there is extra work involved in integrating with external hosts. This is still a great value! Or, switch your hosting to us and save some dough!