Simply having a nice website is simply not enough in today’s online marketing world. Most of your competitors probably have the same thing. But there are a few inexpensive and extremely beneficial things you can do to give your website short-term and long-term boosts in search rankings: Relevant website content and Blog posts!

But who has the time and ability to write effective search-friendly content and blog posts? That’s where Radiant Design can help! Our copywriting team are experts at crafting and writing blog posts, as well as creating the perfect, relevant, search engine and marketing-friendly text content for your website.


  • Single blog post: $195
  • Monthly blog post package (6-months of blog posts): $995*
  • Monthly blog post package (12-months of blog posts): $1,895

* You do NOT need to use all 6 posts in consecutive months. Just use the 6 posts within 12 months. 

Within a relatively short period of time, you could soon have a nice collection of blog posts that will keep your website content fresh, active and relevant for search engines and people searching for similar content. The blog posts will also give your site credibility with search engines, which will help as you try to rank higher above your competitors.


  • Since each project is different, pricing will depend on the amount of content required. Please contact us to provide a FREE estimate.

Your marketing budget should not be considered complete until you’ve budgeted for blog posts and proper marketing copywriting! In many ways, they’ve replaced press releases and have become the main source of providing relevant content to your industry. Whether you’re in Cincinnati, Dayton or anywhere else, let Radiant Design partner with you in your online marketing via blog posts and copywriting. There’s no better time to start than NOW!