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Radiant Design has usually gotten nearly all of our clients from word of mouth. We try our best to treat our customers with the highest level of integrity to go along with our premium website design and development services, and our clients have been tremendous about sharing their experiences with their friends and associates. So we haven’t had to do a ton of advertising.

Recently, an opportunity arose to advertise Radiant Design on our local Christian radio station, Star 93.3. It’s our favorite station, and we’re proud to now be a new advertiser with them. They provide great music and resources for our local communities in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.

We were tasked with writing a 30-second script for the spot. Here’s the script:

Is your website outdated? (sfx: gameshow fail sound) Yeah, I thought so.

Technology changes quickly and having a dynamic, mobile-friendly site is vital to your rankings. If you need a new website, Radiant Design is your reliable local partner. We specialize in new WordPress sites, maintenance and updates.

Let us give your site the “wow” factor it deserves. (sfx: wow!) Online at, that’s Radiant, the letter D, .com or call 513-400-9543. That’s 513-400-9543. At Radiant Design, we don’t just build great websites, we build competitive advantages.

Then we got to thinking… since we are a media company, why don’t we just record it ourselves? Well, in a single take, we recorded the following spot. It was approved by Star 93.3 and will be running during October.


We were very happy with how it turned out, so I guess we now have a new service that we can provide to our clients: Radio spot scripts and recording.

If you’d like to have a radio ad written and/or recorded by Radiant Design, give us a call or send an email. We’d be happy to help!

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Tom Lempner is a website designer, website developer, graphic designer, audio engineer, musician, marketing expert and SEO professional based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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