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For the past several years, Radiant Design has been creating multimedia, Flash animated e-cards instead of printed and mailed Christmas or holiday greeting cards.  While some may see this as impersonal, we think it is a much better idea for businesses, and here’s why:

  1. Most businesses get stacks of boring, old-school Christmas and holiday cards that they either throw away immediately, or place on a shelf with the dozens of others.
  2. e-Cards stand out from the crowd.  Traditional cards are great for families, but for business, they don’t do much to enhance the relationship between the two businesses. An animated e-card will help you stand out from other companies and get you noticed.
  3. The e-Card can have links to your website which will increase your site’s traffic.
  4. An e-Card can be the catalyst for a discussion regarding a potential new business project.  We doubt many people will see your printed card and rush to send you an email.  But a reply from an e-card is only a single click away!
  5. Flash animated e-Card greetings are cost-effective.  No more printing, envelope licking or postage.  One email sent to your database does it all!
  6. They’re GREEN!  Think of how many tree limbs you’ll be saving 😉

It’s already November, so it’s time to make the decision now, as it can take several weeks to produce your e-card.  We have templates ready and can also custom build the e-Card to your exact specifications.  Give Radiant Design a call or email today.  Here are a few examples of electronic holiday greetings that we’ve completed for other clients.


Copyright 2013 by Tom Lempner and Radiant Design.

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