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If You Have a WordPress Website, You Need a Maintenance Plan Including Theme and Plugin Updates, Security and Off-Site Backups

Just like getting oil changes for your car, a website needs regular maintenance to make sure it continues to run smoothly and is protected from problems. For a website, the problems are hackers, malware and spyware. Without proper maintenance of WordPress core software, theme, and the various plugins that make up your website, vulnerabilities can leave your site wide open for hackers to infect malware or other malicious code that could take down your website, or, at the very least, put it on Google’s naughty list.

Three things happened last year that led us to creating our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans:

  1. Our website was infected with malicious code that injected malware and fake ads throughout the site. Google temporarily blocked the site from searches until we repaired it. Fortunately, we had a recent backup to revert to. The problem happened simply because we took too long to update one of the plugins.
  2. We were nearly done completing a brand new website for a client when their existing/old site (hosted with a different company) went down. The hosting company was unable to restore the site. Fortunately, we were nearly done with the new site and simply posted it in it’s place on our hosting servers.
  3. A client wanted to manage their own website. Upon simply updating a plugin, the site completely shut down. White screen. They didn’t know what they did wrong or how to fix it. We were able to have it up again within minutes, and they are now using our website maintenance services.

Since most hosting companies only provide a single, nightly backup, that simply does not provide nearly enough assurance that you’ll be able to get your site back after a hack. If your site goes down on Saturday, but you don’t notice until Monday, the only backup you’d have is Sunday night’s hacked website. GAME OVER! You’ll need to start from scratch. Your website will be off-line and sinking heavily in search rankings until the new site is ready.

The best solution is to have OFF-SITE backups. There are some plugins that can create backups, but we have found them to be cumbersome and difficult to work with, especially when trying to restore a website that has been hacked. Our solution creates scheduled, off-site backups that we restore for our clients free of charge. The process gets your website back up and running within minutes, NOT hours or days! Plus, we do it all for you!!

We have priced our maintenance plans WELL BELOW the industry standard. For example, one of our competitors is charging over $600 per year for similar services — nearly three times our rate. Overall, we feel this is a great value and a great insurance plan for your website. Whether your site is hosted with us at Radiant or hosted elsewhere, we can manage and maintain it for you, saving you time, trouble and worry!

Do you need a plan for updating and maintaining your WordPress website? Radiant Design can help. Contact us today!


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