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Email Settings for any Email Client Software

Be sure to replace with YOUR actual domain name.

Your/Display name: anything you want
Email address: enter the full address (

Type of connection: POP3 or IMAP. We STRONGLY recommend POP3. Emails in IMAP stay on the server by default, which takes up server space, and will eventually fill up, thus disabling your email account. This is bad, which is why we HIGHLY discourage IMAP, and highly recommend POP3.

Please follow these steps and view the images below to setup your email account:

  • Incoming POP3 port: 995, although 110 can sometimes work as well.
  • Outgoing SMTP port: 587, although 465 can sometimes work as well.
  • Change the Incoming and Outgoing Encrypted Connections to TLS or SSL.
  • In Outgoing Server settings, there should be an option for My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication.
  • Make sure it is checked and the option of Use Same Settings as Incoming Server is also checked.

You should be able to go into Accounts (sometimes labeled “Preferences”), then select your email account, look for Outgoing server settings (sometimes labeled SMTP). You may need to find settings such as Advanced Settings or Server Settings. Once the new info has been added, click OK where necessary.

Try to Send/Receive email. If it still doesn’t work, try closing and then restarting your email program. Keep in mind that incorrectly trying to login to our server three times may trigger our servers to block your IP address, which will prevent any email from being sent or received, even IF your email settings are correct. You can test this by trying to access your website in a browser. If your website fails to display properly, then your IP may have been blocked. If so, go to the link below and email us your IP address so we can remove it from our blocked list.

If you cannot get your email to work, it could be an issue with your local Internet Service Provider. You can use Webmail in the meantime, which can always be accessed via

Below are some sample email software settings that should be helpful.

Sample settings in Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail: 

Sample settings in Macmail: 

Thunderbird Email Users:

In your Account settings, click on Outgoing Server (SMTP), the click Edit in the right column. Change Connection Security to STARTTLS, Auth method should be NORMAL PASSWORD, and make sure that Username is your full email address.


Make Sure Your Account is Set to Remove Messages from the Server

Lastly, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, please setup your account to remove email from the server after a set number of days. We recommend 7 or 10 at the longest. Please follow the instructions on the webpage linked below to setup your account to remove emails from the server after they’ve been downloaded to your computer:

Web based Email via Webmail

Simply go to

Then, enter your full email address ( and password.  Once logged in, select RoundCube. When using webmail, make sure to empty out your Sent and Trash folders regularly. To empty the  trash, select the Trash link and then click Purge.

Email Setup for iPhone and iPad

Go to Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendar / Add Account / Other / Add Mail Account

Add the following info:

Be sure to replace with your actual domain name.

Your/Display name: anything you want
Email address: enter the full address (
Description would can be anything that describes the account, like “Work email account”
Press Next.

Select POP3 at the top of the screen.

Incoming mail server Host Name:
Username is your FULL email address.
Outgoing mail server:
Username is your FULL email address.

Press Save.

iPad/iPhone will display “Cannot Verify Server Identity”. Press Details. Press Accept.

Exit Settings and click the Mail icon on your iPad/iPhone. Select the correct mailbox in the left column. It will show as the Description you entered earlier.

Send yourself a test email from another email account. When sending mail from your iPhone or iPad, make sure you are sending from the account that you want to use. Sometimes Apple likes to default to your email address. To see which address email is being sent from, click the From: area in the new message and make sure the correct email address is listed.

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