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Radiant Design has had the privilege of designing and creating many great church websites since 2003. It’s amazing how quickly things change every few years. A few things have happened recently which allow for:

Better Church Website Design
Church websites can now be better than ever due to the ability to use new technologies, larger imagery, and adding media through Vimeo, YouTube or other free media providers. In addition, using the  best church themes and customizing them to fit the style needs of various church markets allows your web designer to create a beautiful site every time.

Church Websites are Less Expensive to Build and Maintain
With the advent of WordPress, church websites have a FREE Content Management System (CMS) built right into the site. Gone are the days of expensive content management systems, learning clumsy software, or having to call your web developer every time you need a simple update.

Cost and Time Savings
Not only does WordPress functionality allow for a free CMS, but it also makes it so that your website’s theme and styles can be changed to be more modern, but your content will all still be stored within the system, making future design overhauls less costly and less time-consuming. Cost savings will be achieved by using WordPress’s CMS, which can be easily used by novices with just a small amount of training.

Is your church or ministry website in need of an overhaul? You might be surprised at how inexpensive the best church web design and development in the modern era can be!

Copyright 2013 by Tom Lempner and Radiant Design.

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Tom Lempner is a website designer, website developer, graphic designer, audio engineer, musician, marketing expert and SEO professional based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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