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If your outgoing or incoming email is suddenly not working, or messages are stuck in your email outbox, please try the following:

  • In Outgoing Server settings, there should be an option for My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication.
  • Make sure it is checked and the option of Use Same Settings as Incoming Server is also checked.
  • Change your Incoming POP3 port to 995.
  • Change your Outgoing SMTP port to 587.
  • Change the Incoming and Outgoing Encrypted Connections to TLS or SSL.

You should be able to go into Accounts (sometimes labeled “Preferences”), then select your email account, look for Outgoing server settings (sometimes labeled SMTP). You may need to find settings such as Advanced Settings or Server Settings. Once the new info has been added, click OK where necessary.

Try to Send/Receive email. If it still doesn’t work, try closing and then restarting your email program.

Of course, if none of this works, the issue is most likely DNS Propagation, which means your computer has cached and is still trying to use the OLD email server location. This usually repairs itself in 24 hours or less. You can use Webmail in the meantime, which can always be accessed via

To expedite the flushing of the cache, do a Google search for “how to flush dns”. Then look for a link for your operating system.

Below are some sample email software settings that should be helpful.

Sample settings in Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail: 

Sample settings in Macmail: 

Thunderbird Email Users:

In your Account settings, click on Outgoing Server (SMTP), the click Edit in the right column. Change Connection Security to STARTTLS, Auth method should be NORMAL PASSWORD, and make sure that Username is your full email address.


As a last resort:

Keep everything the same as above and try the following:

  • Change the incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers to:


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